Tuesday, August 07, 2007


makes u regular 2
1 orange
2 plums
1 BIG peach
cluster of grapes
3/4 pint blueberries
handful of strawberries
1 apple

clean fuel, homies. if you're a fruit bat.


fatmammycat said...

Where's the coffee? The buttery toast with marmalade? Oh what am I saying, I had oats. Fuel if you're a sodding horse.

finn said...

oats in canada are gluten-free.
oats in the US aren't.

what the fuck kind of sense is that??

i don't know the status of irish oats; do you?

fatmammycat said...

I checked on a gluten baord and Ready Brek, which I had is not suitable for those trying to follow a gluten free diet. I'll see if I can find out what Flahavins is like.

fatmammycat said...

Nope, but here, http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/2005/08/oh-how-i-miss-it.html
this lassie seems to have cracked a decent breakfast.

Mayrasmom said...

So are you getting any work done today, or are you busy practicing your Britney pose by the copier?

finn said...

great find, FMC! that's the best oat discussion i've seen.

and coffee is a given. i had a double latte in my hands at 4:30 this morn. can't poo w/o it!!

finn said...

kath, i know my limits now. anything under a pint is fine.
apparently there's something to be said for moderation.

Manuel said...

I see you are having chips with that too.

finn said...

the liquids that collect at the bottom of the bowl would be a jus, yes, and not a reduction?

finn said...
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addon said...

from Samuel Johnson's 1755 Dictionary of the English Language:

Oats: A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland appears to support the people.

[he was having a dig at his little buddy from north of the border, James Boswelll ...]

finn said...

was it johnson who said it was the english who gave the bagpipes to scotland, only the scots never got the joke??

Brown Suga' said...

Ah, a marvellous breakfast indeed. Yum yum.

I don't get strawberries and blueberries ... just apples, pears, grapefruit, plums and bananas.

Damn I'm hungry now.

finn said...

me too.

i'm just ripping into my breakfast, part 2: yogurt and goji berries. stocking up for a long, hot ride during which i will get dropped on the hills again i'm sure but at least the scenery will be yummy.

finn said...
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