Friday, September 21, 2007

finn comes clean about doping

if you live under a rock, or you don't eat, drink and bleed (oh, the bleeding!!) cycling, you may be unaware that floyd landis lost his appeal and has been found guilty of using synthetic testosterone during the 2006 tour de france; and he's been stripped of his yellow jersey. and yesterday we learned that espoir phenom genevieve jeanson admitted to taking EPO since age 16. this is the first time she's admitted doping since being suspended for life after a positive drug test in 2005. in the interview that aired yesterday, she confessed to hating herself while cheating, lamenting that she was living a lie and claiming that she felt much better now after fessing up.

well my insides are roiling a bit myself so i'm banking on feeling much better when i come clean here.

see, i'm a doper too.

before every hard training ride and race, i eat a tray of Peeps. only the yellow, pink, white and purple ones though. i can't stomach the blues. they turn my lips a funny color and i think about that Perfect Circle song and then i think that maybe i HAVE been dead all this time and i get into a real mindfuck and wake up curled in front of the toilet with my stuffed otter. so i don't eat the blue ones.

if i have absolutely no other recourse and all that's left are the blues, i will melt them on a spoon and bang that shit right into my iliac vein.

when i'm Peeping i can go harder and recover faster.

i intend to Peep hard tomorrow morning, right before i return to the racing season after a 2-month layoff. 2 months?? jesus, i hope i remember how to fuck up my transitions.

i apologise to all those i've disappointed.
but you needed to know the truth.

[hmm. that didnt rly help teh old bow-els.]


fatmammycat said...

Just remember, you're NOT Courtney Love.

TLGK just amped me on to this site, it's There you can find all SORTS of films, new and what not to watch on the lapple for Megafree, the velly best kind of free.
I am watching Constantine right now as I wait for The paramour to stop dicking about and bring me forthwith to Smurf's bar for a some beer. Dey haz muzak too.

finn said...

these wireframes are NEVER getting done today -- thanks to you and alluc i've spent a goodly part of the aft watching chunks of The Boondock Saints, even though i could just watch the DVD at home.

then Constantine reminded me of this so i had to go watch and now i am in dannylohnerland which is no place to be on a friday under deadline.

but am least i am not courtney love. which reminds me of the "free francis bean" shirts that maynard made and then got called a *media whore* by courtney love.

it's been one perfect circle of a day.

happy 5 years.

fatmammycat said...

Cheerie CSI to you too Dahling. Good lord I'm full as a goat. Hope you enjoy the LGK's pressie.
Ale? why I believe I might...