Tuesday, September 25, 2007

phil anselmo is off the dope show

the new Down album officially hits the streets today. pantera fans may be drawn like moths to the flame of phil anselmo's vocals while still holding a grudge against him for, well, being a dick. whacked on heroin most of his time onstage, anselmo was given to johnny reb speechifying. here's one of his infamous performances:

when i saw pantera live my man was so tuned up that when the band exited the stage anselmo left us with, "good night philly! we're led zeppelin and this is the zoso tour!!" i think he really believed that.

anselmo's purportedly been clean since 2002. whether he pulls it off as well as trent remains tae be seen. but the new album, Over the Under, is good stuff: sure it's heavy but it's surprisingly hooky as well. it's more crafted & refined than pantera & corrosion of conformity (which offered up pepper keenan) without dulling the edge.

samples from Over the Under:
on march the saints
3 suns and 1 star
his majesty the desert
in the thrall of it all


fatmammycat said...

I was listening to His Majesty when suddenly I could see Don Johnson sailing over the darkening waters in his speed boat, his pastel suit sleeves rolled to just below his elbow, tortured, brooding, loafered and stubbly, thinking about the dead women he loved and how he was going to exact vengeance the moment Tubbs came out of his coma and he got his shield and gun back...
Then I said to Puddy, 'I must put this on the pod Puddy, I simply must. For if it can transport me while running as much as it does while sitting on my arse not working then it's a keeper!'

finn said...

i was listening to Mouth for War when suddenly i could feel my belly trying to pooch out over my shorts and i wondered if i were blowing up like that blueberry chick in the chocolate factory, so i went to the bathroom where i figured out that in my dazy orbit though the house this morn i plucked D's cargos from the laundry basket, not mine which have a extra inch or two in the waist.

just once ONCE it would be nice to be shorter and slimmer than my partner.

here's the dl link for His Majesty, plus Pillamyd, which HMTD bleeds into.

that should put Rathlin out of your head for a while.

fatmammycat said...

If only. Failing that a short sharp rock to behind the ear would definitely help.
Gracias por la musica. I'll be hitting the road in about an hour, I even have a new day-glow over vest for the traffic. Vile, but safe.