Wednesday, October 17, 2007

countdown to richmond: 4 days

the bikes have been tuned, the hammie will be tuned by rudy this aft, carbs are loading as i type (better safe than sorry!), and tomorrow morning i am off to richmond.

i am not stressed about worlds. much. okay, i did have a dream about the race last night... in fact let me tell you about my dream because i'm a woman and according to one of westolowski's witnesses that's what we do. i dreamed that i finished up the first run with the leaders (1st sign this is Not Real) and darted into transition, only to find that my water bottles were empty, my shoes were gone, and so was my bike. i ran to the water table and decanted dozens of dixie cups into my water bottles and begged a pair of cycling shoes off a spectator. i still could not find my bike though, so i appealed to an official, and he said no worries we'll hook you up and he pointed to the mount/dismount area, and there was a rocking horse. and i had to ride the rocking horse and of course i didn't get very far and i kept telling myself even MY transitions are not this bad, it must be a dream, has to be, but i must have rocked for 20min before i finally convinced myself because my adductors are still sore. see, not stressed at all.

though i travel with the Mac Trinity, i may not write while i'm down there. if you're interested you might wanna check out two of my competitors -- er, Team USA teammates. these girls are the Real Deal and i predict for them age group podium finishes, maybe even overall placings.



fatmammycat said...

If I don't and haven't said it before now, I am wishing you the VELLY best luck and I am super hella confident you will ace this. Super hella I say.
Gotta go, spuds are ready.

finn said...

you know i think you're grand and all but if i have "mashed potato, mashed potato" stuck in my head for 4 hours on sunday i may wish cabbage upon you.

thanks for the well wishes and enjoy your mash, for after 3hrs21min you have certainly earned it.

Mayrasmom said...

Have a safe trip and a great race.
Load up on some good music along with the carbs.

finn said...

i'm on it, kath, and loading more pantera, front 242 and amethystium (for prerace vinyasa) onto the nano rite now.

fatmammycat said...

If you can sing it to 'baked'-and I know you can- we have ourselves a winner.

addon said...

i very much admire what you are doing and what you achieve - very best wishes for your trip, i will be cheering for you.