Wednesday, October 24, 2007

history repeats

the mid-atlantic's getting much-needed rain, while soCal burns.

there's an active fire forum running on the LA craigslist: people volunteering their F150's, wondering how to get a lasagna to the firefighters, and seeking to match abandoned pets with owners forced to flee so quickly they left the doors to the house wide open hoping that buddy would find his own way. then there are the those like our friend fallbrookian below. this forum's a wiki-novel, just writing itself.

Listening to Police Scans About Pendleton < Audioverite > 10/24 00:48:56

The fire is is spreading and not contained.

It's half a mile from the Fuel Pump and coming towards the 5. I-5 is open but is buring to the east and heavy smoke is making it dangerous, police are helping people pass.

how long? < fallbrookian > 10/24 00:50:08

how long do you think until it is dangerous to be in fallbrook due to this fire? it safe to sleep tonight?

GET OUT NOW < Audioverite > 10/24 00:51:59

Fallbrook you are still there? You are not suppose to be there. GET out before Camp Pendleton is to dangerous!

Do not sleep in Fallbrook its blwoing back east

get out? < fallbrookian > 10/24 00:53

how long was my question?
i've heard that exact statement 865161 times.

but do you know how long it could be?

You are Choosing < AmandaKH > 10/24 00:55:13

You are choosing to keep yourself in a very dangerous area and no matter what we say, you aren't listening, so please, don't post if it is just for attention.

well < fallbrookian > 10/24 00:59:38

obviously you arent listening.
i asked a simple question.
and you are trying to make it seem like i'm stupid. and that i am not afraid for my life; like this is some cute social event.
well you dont know anything about my situation and if you did, i'm sure you would still critisize me because you dont listen anyways.
so goodnight everyone.
i'm going to sleep in my home.
in fallbrook
peace out.
"god" bless.

1 HOUR OR LESS < guardsman > 10/24 00:56:52



thank you < fallbrookian > 10/24 01:00:10

for listening.

And thank YOU for evacuating in a timely manner < DO_NOT_take_up > 10/24 01:04:50

resources of fire fighters to get you out when you have waited too long.

well said < worriedforsd > 10/24 01:07:28

as if firefighters don't have enough to worry about...

they don't have the time to go knocking on everyone's door making sure they are out even though it's been announced a MILLION times to EVACUATE!

think about others besides yourself.
this isn't a joke... & mandatory evacuations aren't suggestions...

Update?? Maybe < Radiolistener > 10/24 00:51:18

They say I5 closed both directions now at Las Pulgas due to heavy smoke... CHP is no longer running escorts

Update < Radiolistener > 10/24 00:55:29

Fire has jumped the 5. Both directions closed

Closed north of the view point just south of the reactors


fatmammycat said...

Fallbrookian is toast.

finn said...

i can't help but picture fallbrookian as a jocose falstaff figure in a white suit.

i don't want to move to cali so much anymore.

fatmammycat said...