Friday, October 05, 2007

marion jones is easily confused

today marion jones pled guilty to using a steroid called "the clear" while training for the 2000 sydney olympics. she said she only took the drug (THG, or tetrahydrogestrinone) because her coach told her it was flax seed oil. i give the dog flax seed oil sometimes -- it makes his coat smooth and glossy -- so i can understand why jones went along.

i was a big fan of marion jones -- she has such a great smile, and she wasn't a big egomaniac like some of the horsey women she ran against. she also didn't have those freakishly long fingernails like gail devers and flo-jo that skeeve me out and get me humming the it rubs the lotion on its skin song.

so i'm totally bummed about this and i think jones' coach is a real poopiehead for tricking her like that. since marion is obvy easily confused and led astray, i started this cheat-sheet for her so that when she gets out of jail for lying to federal agents, maybe she won't get taken advantage of again. because that is NOT a very nice feeling.

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fatmammycat said...

I'd have more respect for 'em if they said, 'Yeah I used, EVERYBODY does' and didn't come up with the lame excuses. Doubtless she will find God over the next week or so.

finn said...

hard to do when you've been attributing your victories to His grace & blessingness all along. girl's stuck.

a friend of mine observed it makes you wonder how many of those medals were legit. i really want to believe there are pro athletes more concerned about their health and the sense of achievement that comes with winning clean, but believing don't make it so.

Manuel said... haahahahahaha