Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the right brain vs. left brain test

are you left brain dominant or right brain?
are you ambi-brain-sterous?
do you have a brain at all?

find out here.
and tell me in the comments.


fatmammycat said...

On an entirely different note, if you bang your elbow really hard while hoovering out the car you can make yourself faint. Try it, it's HILARIOUS.

finn said...

hoovering is hazardous and that is why we leave it to the experts.

i was CW as well, and it was a great triumph when i finally saw the CCW twirl. (i wasn't going to do anything with those 3 1/2 hours anyway.)

fatmammycat said...

I didn't look that long, I can only imagine the whoop.
Are you packed and repacked yet?

finn said...

erm, no. have not begun.

i did buy a chain-breaker tool yesterday to replace the one i broke a year ago. thus my toolbox is complete again and so am i.

sunday's weather looks lovely so far: sunny with a high of 27C/80F. (not to gloat or anything.)

fatmammycat said...

Quite all right, gloat on. I'm hoping for chilly and overcast for my dice with death.

finn said...

chilly + overcast = perfect for marathonis felinis.

recent temps at the chicago marathon... not so much.

last long run tomorrow??

fatmammycat said...

Indeed it is, I've got my routes mapped out, the water will be deposited on route before hand and I will be wearing a snazzy money belt filled to the brim with jellies, also I am trying out a new bra since much to my own amazement all this sodding running has made me drop a cupsize and my old and previously comfy running puppy holder now moves and there is chaffing, and I am very FIRMLY against chaffing of any kind.

finn said...

chafing v bad... but a whole cup size?? has the paramor noticed? (not that it matters, but they never notice the haircuts so I'm just curious about this.)

is there such a thing as negative letters, I wonder, bec that is where I would be in your position...

I have no jellies for my ride now, but I did put away a dozen pieces of salt water taffy this aft because its thereness was so compelling in its compelosity.

enjoy your run tomorrow.

fatmammycat said...

He noticed.
I'll be breaking in the new Kings Of Leon album on part of my run tomorrow so that will hopefully amuse/confound me for a few K.
Night toots, sleep well and remember, we're not Courtney Love.

addon said...

hey finn - definitely clockwise. she is as graceful as I am as I pirouette around the kitchen. actually, there's no room to pirouette in our kitchen, just sounded good. ah well.

finn said...

that is a lovely image i will carry with me to virginny-i-a.