Friday, November 09, 2007

loucypher is another year older

loucypher's birthday was yesterday. we're a bunch of gloomy sorry fucks so he didn't get shit from us except for a Dawn of the Dead birthday card and a pack of gum from yours truly. what do you want for YOUR birthday? this button that i found in the street? a splinter? you think on that for a little while.

our office manager thought it would be a lark if we made loucypher wear the burger king crown, so she went looking for the burger king crown. she hunted me down as the last person to have handled the burger king crown.

do you have the burger king crown? - she asked. hmmmm. good question. it used to sit on adonis's ball, but i have not seen burger king crown lately. maybe it was knocked off adonis's ball and slid back heeeeeere. i began to crawl under my desk but was stopped short by the birthday boy. oh no. finn i love you but i am NOT wearing, touching or otherwise getting involved with anything that comes from your area. there are life forms in there that no one has ever heard of. stay. just stay.

fuckin harsh, man. a mouse dies on your desk and melts away to fur, bones and maggot shells and you're a pariah from then on. fine. the crown is all mine. which reminds me -- the king needs the jester and a jameson, stat.


fatmammycat said...

And a solid bleee to you to this fine morning. Gloomy or not, I trust you and the rest of the colony will be taking L to the C out to celebrate surviving another year?
(Do people do that? I don't actually know anything about office life, I'm guessing it shows)

finn said...

They probably do that, but here you get the burger king crown and a slap on the ass if you're lucky.

bleeee indeed. not even candy corn can improve this day.

fatmammycat said...

Golly, it must be rough if that is the case.

Theo said...

Maybe this will cheer you up?

finn said...

that and the "cherry cordial" hershey kisses that just materialised in the kitchen are a real good start.

you're right teho, it is a PHM kind of day.