Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my lips may promise but my heart is a whore

F's in early too, finds me beavering away.
- sooooo, i'm not engaged anymore - he announces. i read relief on his dark face, a bit of sadness but mostly relief.
- really. what happened?
- she cheated on me, the cheap slut.
- that's perfect.
- "perfect."
- yeah, because now you're out, but you're not the one bringing shame on her family, or yours.
he smiled wryly.
- you know, you're the only one who got that. everyone else says oh i'm so sorry.

sometimes we hit it out of the ballpark.
but most of the time it's just awkward and lonely in this half-light where the only entity is the self and it aint all that transcendent.


fatmammycat said...

Sweet jesus you are in early.
If F is relieved he just saved himself a whole lot of future heartbreak, nicely spotted too.

finn said...

and neatly done. calling off an afghan engagement is a mini-divorce, F explained, and it leaves the woman besmirched. ?? shame cultures are whacked. blame makes much more sense.

up at 2:30 with a ton of work and little motivation to do it.

fatmammycat said...

That's an obscene time to be getting up for work, obscene. I to a be-cranked and fucked off. some days the stuff I do makes no sense, none at all.
I did however order you a christmas gift which I will be sending as soon as it gets here. It's a daft and as skilled as anything I've ever seen. Seriously.

Mayrasmom said...

Yikes, even Mayra's dog(?) was asleep at that hour. (I still think it's a cat in disguise...)

So if the fiance is besmirched, will she be able to marry someone else? Does F get another chance with someone else, or does he even want one?

finn said...

by the light of my monitors this morning F and i arrived at the conclusion that both of us are far too selfish to ever be good marriage material. the besmirched fiance has not given up yet, however.

FMC, is it a glue gun???
(link courtesy of adam, thanks adam.)

fatmammycat said...

Sonny is right! Also Myra's dog has the right idea.
No it's not that, it's much less useful than a glue gun. Running in the cold is really fucking tiresome. Also slippery soggy leaves are treacherous.

finn said...

much less useful than a glue gun
hmmm is it...... george bush??

Running in the cold is really fucking tiresome
right-o. that is why we run with hot men.
the leaves are still treacherous though.

fatmammycat said...

I did have an amusing time warming up I must say. I can categorically say I felt ever single twinge and ache and spasm and that was before I started to run/flail along.

finn said...

twinges, aches and spasms -- we are against them unless they are eliot's hollow mens'.

i have run 7 days in a ROW, when 3 is usu my max. legs are extremely delicate after saturday's duathlon-without-the-bike-part and yet i just signed on for a trail run tonight. with lights. with laf. tell me i'm not an idiot, and the deal i've made with god -- get me through another run and i'll ride tomorrow i swear -- will go through.

wait a minute.
what do you mean by "warming up" before your run? something other than untangling your headphones?

fatmammycat said...

You're doing the right thing!
Although damn your oily hide, I WAS untangling my head phones for some of it. Then I had to stop and 'rearrange' my laces until they were just so. Then I complained to myself for a while and then, finally, when I was far enough away from the house to not change my mind, I poodled my noodle into a shuffling awkward run. Usual crap Finn, first 3k cry cry, felt better after.

finn said...

is that a Honey Bee calling your name?
i think it is.

in the spirit of 'all is relative' thot u'd also get a kick out the ultradude feller's jacket on this page. (3rd photo down)

fatmammycat said...

No bees, no mid-week anything. I'm having a monk's life Monday to Friday 5pm, including rising from my comfy bed at an unnatural hour (before 8) and retiring to it at a reasonable hour (before midnight). Unnatural I tell you.
The photo made me shudder and want toast. And speaking of, your trophies are the shizzle. Turkeys no less.

finn said...

wearing baseball caps, no less. did you see Deej making a 15:46 look like a poodlenoodle? god he's pretty to watch.

a monks life?? no wine, even? you must be in a prolific work groove... or you're doing penance for some horrific act i quail to imagine.

fatmammycat said...

I wish, work has me in its gaping maw and it will not release me until it has shook me dead.
Hoike hoike hoike.
Although after your mammoth day it seems churlish to even mention it. Are you nearly over?

addon said...

eh, you 2 can natter on...

a lass i was pretty serious about once called it off with me but no painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonourable or improper stuck to either side.

she was in Geneva, I in London and there was only so many times we could meet in the former or even half-way in Paris. Sigh, still cry into my pillow sometimes.

finn said...

life would hardly be worth it if we never cried into our pillow now & then.

it's when you're going at it with the bowie knife & feathers are fucking everywhere that you should rethink some.

MHO neway.