Thursday, November 01, 2007

puscifer gets right with jesus

the first full-length puscifer album hit the street tuesday, so go to your local family-friendly WalMart and ask the blue-haired greeter to direct you to the aisle where you can find V is for Vagina. make sure you enunciate clear & loud because sometimes those geezers don't have their hearing aids screwed in tight enough.

after years of dealing with those total downer dudes from tool and APC, mj malmsteen has escaped the nuthouse to have a spot of fun and knock out some music that's not about his mom, chakras or obtainin' enlightenment by opening his third eye (x10). maynard being maynard, there are some higher bean references mind you, but they're of the "christ is coming, and so am i" variety. cheerful, like.

"This is absolutely just put-it-on-and-move-your-butt -and-get-completely-out-of-your-head music," MJK told MTV back in july, "This is purely body candy. It's meant to make you feel like I feel when I hear James Brown, when I hear some old Jackson 5 or or Aretha [Franklin]. It's just that good feeling — music that makes you feel good. There's no math. Nothing wrong with math, but sometimes, it can be exhausting to be that forced, that focused. " really?? cos, i imagined it was a big happy laugh riot when you and the guys were sitting around writing "wings for marie." my bad.

but puscifer isn't an hour of aenima's "intermission" either. puscifer is like john waits meeting leonard cohen in a sports bar on a sunday afternoon before the apostate baptists pour in after the last service. a showcase for keenan's growls, croons & chants, Vagina is immediately accessible, catchy & poppy. my iTunes is disgusted with me, tells me Blackout's available -- with bonus tracks -- and wouldn't i like to give that a gander instead of playing THIS again?

that said, some songs, like “drunk on power” and “indigo children” suffer from repetition, but not enough to prompt you to leave them off the playlist. Vagina's version of “the undertaker” is flat and lacks the power danny lohner gave it in the second Underworld soundtrack but conversely, the "rev 22:20" track that appeared on the first
Underworld here gets stripped down to vox, piano and high hats for the 'dry martini' version and tho it's not lohner it works.

does puscifer have staying power?
make your own judgement call.

queen b – christ this is earwormy. can i get a witness.

momma sed
– reminds me of lcohen's "waiting for the miracle" only poppier, with less depth.
rev 22:20 (dry martini mix) - christ is coming. maybe.
the undertaker (renholder mix) - the better version, from Underworld Evolution.


fatmammycat said...

Hell YEAH!

I really hate swimming.

finn said...

patience fastcat. your bod is healing.

i haven't swum in almost 3 weeks. and this week & last i didn't do any AM workouts. i've been sleeping in 'til 5. shameful.

if the GAD doesn't stop bringing in candy corn my teef may fall out.

fatmammycat said...

No no, you misunderstand me, I feel fine, I rowed 10k in 52 minutes, with no trouble at all.
But then I swam 10 lengths, really really very badly. I hate swimming. I'm utterly terrible at it. the last length was what I call a froggy stroke, half doggy paddle half frog legs, vile.
Sorry, I'm still laughing at the sleeping IN until 5 AM part.

finn said...

oh i understand you perfectly. i understand you feel your head will explode if you don't do *something; however you are being sensible and not *running*. but as the chick @ blackwater told me while little demons were playing tug-of-war with my hamstring, you'll be able to run again.

here's some swimming porn for ya. i swear watching thorpe & VDH makes

finn said...

you a better swimmer by proxy.

fatmammycat said...

Holy shit they are fast. And so graceful, not a spluttering/casual drowning in sight.

finn said...

we could swim like that if we had size 48 feet, but you might have to custom-order from jimmy choo.

here's another good one -- the athens 400m, where hackett almost upsets thorpe. lordy them aussies can swim.

fatmammycat said...

Jesus, he really powered off the wall for that last length and I wonder if he'd had another lap would he have taken him?
It's a real skill swimming, when I lived in Barcelona I used to go to the pool much more regularly and had begun to improve, but today was disgraceful. And when you see just how easy those guys make it look...*

*shakes head, has another bite of a mini snickers. Remembers the almost kilo she has put on since last monday, shrugs, eats snickers.
yep, that's where we are at.
Do you have a plan for some training tonight? When is your thingamijig with your dudley chumley?

finn said...

ach, kilo shmilo. you gotta let yourself go every now & then for perspective, right? or is that rationalisation.

i am supposed to be running trail w/LAF in half an hour but i am stuck at work trying to finish up a doc by EOD. but at least i'm in leopardland, not XP hell, and that salves the wound summat. when are you making the leop?

XC race is the 25th, but i dunno. the way things are going i might be in full-tilt FattyTime then. when we talk about swimming i don't even miss it.

fatmammycat said...

Done and done.

with regards to the swimming, I can understand THAT.

finn said...


is it, as a wise man once said, Spacetacular?

finn said...
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fatmammycat said...

It has shut down my Word twice today while I was working on a document. I don't have the time nor the energy to explain how many expletives that caused. Fortunately the big P has sorted it, or so he tells me. But other than that I'm warily impressed.
Okay, it's half nine here. I'm going to drink a big 'ol glass of wine and watch crap for a while.

finn said...

oh dear. out of respect for your angst i'll refrain from Turd jibes. i hope the Lapple rights itself.