Friday, December 21, 2007

all i want for christmas is...

i know i haven' t been very good this year but there's been so much naughtiness going around that i'm hoping i'll look pretty good in comparison to Our Glorious Leader, the Spears-es and everybody in the Mitchell Report.

Finn's Christmas Wish List
(checked 25 times)

  1. danny lohner. if that's not practical, a RealDoll and renholder remix of indigo children might appease.
  2. a DVD about working border collies, and some cadbury**
  3. an administration in which "faith" plays NO part
  4. a swim coach
  5. space in the freezer for my bagels
  6. an iphone SDK
  7. untweaky hamstrings
  8. uncloggable toilets everywhere i go
  9. a new NIN album in 2008, a tour, and extra vacation time
  10. peace in the Congo. see, i'm not a total shit.
have a very merry holiday, folx. see you in 2008.

**HUZZAH! christmas is early!!


fatmammycat said...


Manuel said...

So far this season I have got an new iMac and iPod Touch......sweeeeet......have a good one.....

finn said...

you must have been verra good this year, manuel -- or youve totally got the wool pulled over LMM's eyes.

can that new machine run the Big cat? did you return the goat or whatever you traded to rid yourself of it?

mmmm, how you likin the touch?

[see Adam, its THAT easy.]

Theo said...

Good to see that you & Oh Danny Boy have reconciled. The keel of the world is righted.

Hafta say I didn't strictly need Santa Crotch... but I did give a LOLNIN print to my favorite baristas this morning. (Their current wall-art theme is a bunch of framed classic photos of rock & roll icons, and Trent was sorely under-reperesented.)

finn said...


you have done well, young pee&poowalker. now u can has vacay.