Monday, December 31, 2007

if memory serves...

december 31st, new years eve. holy mother of wassail, i have had some NYE doozies. there was that time i ate so much honey that i got stuck in Rabbit's door, and the year before i walked into a big closet where there was a nice lady with turkish delight. there was the time i won the Tourmalet stage of the Tour after crashing because of that musette bag. then there were the new years eves when i spoke parseltongue, defeated the green goblin, blew up the death star and oh yes that time i woke up as a cockroach.

- the rock star invited us to his new years eve party - D informed me last night - are you and omar gonna have a rematch?
- come again?
- ping pong. you remember. last year, when you guys played for HOURS? maybe you shouldn't call omar an "iranian pussy" this time though. i don't think he liked that.
D has obviously confused me with his other girlfriend. i suck at ping pong.
- you suck at ping pong, but man are you fun to watch. remember when you hit the ball through the window?
uh oh.
- through the window?
- yeah, you know. the one omar opened. i was amazed you made the shot, but when you tried to climb out the window to get the ball, and got stuck, oh-my-god that was THE best. remember?
i measured out my words slowly.
- i do remember that, yes.

in Ken Bruen Christmas Land if memory serves at all, it serves stirred, with a twist.


fatmammycat said...

Snarf. Now that I would like to see. Drunken ping pong, surely the only way to play.

finn said...

in heels, natch.

one more nite, fatcat. phil collins crooooooons for ussen.

fatmammycat said...

Thank God, we'll go out in style I'm sure. Heh, whenever I think of Phillyboy I think of Buster and then I laugh until I get hiccups. Wot an actor.

finn said...

he should have rested on his Hard Days Night laurels where, according to IMDb, his (uncredited) role was "Seated fan with necktie."

fatmammycat said...

I'll never forgive him for Land Of Illusion, I swear to god I won't.

finn said...

likewise for snoot-snoot-snoot-eee-oh.

fucking bubbly earworm of a song.
Do Not Want.

fatmammycat said...

Okay, I'm ready again, jaysus, even my normally indestructible feet are complaining about the heels tonight.
But no matter. I'll bid you a VELLY Happy New year, Miss Finn, and I hope you have a lovely evening too.

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Twenty Major said...

Fucking Portuguese getting everywhere these days.

finn said...

they're getting to be as bad as the etruscans.