Monday, January 07, 2008

david lynch is a curmudgeon


fatmammycat said...

'This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top.'
Plus I have the box set of Twin Peaks for rainy foggy days when I'm feeling blue. I'm pretty much going to forgive that old crank just about everything he ever utters.

finn said...

i git his point. while the simpsons movie wouldn't lose much in the translation to mobile (well, bart's whizul would be inwizible), i probably wouldnt have upended my dinner in my lap if i'd been watching 28 Months Later on a tel-e-phone.

and before the rage virus, there was leland palmer.

addon said...

god i hope i don't get/haven't got like that although i do really really want to be a grumpy old man which i claim is a right when you reach a certain age even tho one of my daughters denies this perhaps with the benefit of her social studies degree, not that i give much credence to "studies" get your hands dirty in the field is my advice for learning which she has done by now of course maybe she is just tooooooo nice i think sometimes what d'ya reckon?

btw got a "kick-ass" PC for xmas as suspected. is 2 GB RAM good?

addon said...

also btw, may this year be all y'all want it to be.

finn said...

i'm glad santa was good to you adam; you must not have been grumpy enough for him to leave you a lump of coal instead.

2G of RAM is what my macbook is running and it putters along quite smoochingly.

how was perth?