Thursday, January 17, 2008

for kath, somewhere down the line

there's a clever new Apple/PC skit up on combine a skyscraper and banner ad?? whooda thunk?

and that's about all you want me to say because i am crumpy, granky and at odds with the world right now.

UPDATE -- the orig ad's down, but you can watch the Tubed version.


addon said...

that's OK finn, you'll ride it out ... it's the world that is at odds with me, the bastards. they're all a buncha bastards. (NOT meant in a friendly way).

Mayrasmom said...

Somewhere over the rainbow is more like it. I really wish we had looked into macs before we bught new computers for the office.
I've already fund about half the funds I need for an iPod touch though...

finn said...

the most exciting feature of the MacBook Air (IMO) is how Apple's begun to port the tactile UI of the Touch & iPhone over to the laptop. according to the keynote, the Air's trackpad allows pinch-zooms and photo rotations with a swivel of your fingers.

perhaps in our lifetimes we'll be able to throw stuff around on our monitors with swipes of a finger, as we do on our "smart" devices. (the Apple ones, that is.)