Wednesday, January 09, 2008

my ticket in '08

D rang my cell at 6:36 this morning, sounding like his puppy just died. and it sorta did, i guess -- he's all cut up over obama's loss in new hampshire. he drank the barack koolaid and between debate coverage and poll returns he's gotten little sleep this week. i'm afraid he'll nod off on his way to work and ride his bicycle into a ditch.

here's one-a them online surveys that'll tell you how to vote so you don't have to think, watch television, or read the drudge report. if mitt romney pops up at the top of your line-up, you must let me know so i can take you off my christmas fruitcake list.

you want Change? this is MY ticket in 2008:


fatmammycat said...

Clinton/Dodd, how very unusual.
Have no fear Romney came a big fat -21. Huzzah, christmas all round.

Mayrasmom said...

Romney came in even lower than Tancredo for me, but I really really really cannot abide by fruitcake.

finn said...

my fruitcake is mostly fruit and rum so kath unless you've a rum fetish you've not yet divulged, i'll put you down for figgy pudding instead.

i got matched with kucinich and gravel which left me feeling like i should buy a prius and listen to more shitty singer songwriters. surely i'm not THAT liberal. surely?

Theo said...

Well, my imaginary ticket is still Clinton/Obama (yes, in that order), so you may make of that what you will. No silly internet widgets necessary.