Thursday, January 03, 2008

those aren't coffee grounds

whilst we were holidaying, the MyCo mice ran amok. they got into the hot chocolate and spicy pretzel mix, built a communal nest in an empty Dell box and pooed a circuitous path across my bookshelf.

what impressed me most was the RimPoo:

i mean, how is that even possible?? i have seen animals do some amazing things but truly i have difficulty conceiving how a mouse could simultaneously perch on the rim of a coffee cup and poo. perhaps his mousie friends gathered below and steadied him? did he brace himself on a book and squeeze one out? or perhaps he stood atop the CDs and flung his poo from there.

the miraculousness of the occurrence still doesn't negate the fact that there's mouseshit on my coffee mug.


fatmammycat said...


Theo said...

This looks like a job for...

fatmammycat said...

Tell me this peppy-non-peu, do you have such a thing as Cadbury Creme Eggs stateside?

finn said...

yes and 'tis a shame that, like peeps, they only appear onshelves for easter.

why do you ask?

teho, there was talk of OfficeCat wheybackwhen, but that ideer went the way of OfficeGrass.

fatmammycat said...

Because they have appeared here and I find that I am drooling slightly every time I think of one, and this does not bode well for the 2 monther, considering I don't as a general rule like chocolate much.
DROOL I tell you.
Damn this, I need some kind of replacement that is neither harmful NOR fattening.

finn said...

well, you could replace excess with moderation??
alicia said that tues nite when she craved a drink she got on the bike instead. that sounds harmful to me but what can i say 'cept that loucypher's got me hooked on Trident Watermelon Twist, and when it's time for a changeup, Tropical Twist which is peach schnapps in a gum. not fattening, but my chompers do ache by EOD.

off to see sir rudy. fingers XXXd.

fatmammycat said...

x'd as rxd.

finn said...

it can't be that bad. you don't cuss me out anymore - st. rudy observed, pushing his bodyweight into my upper medial.

that's because i've come to enjoy the pain - i said, and it's true.

small tear; no hills; back tues.

not so bad.

fatmammycat said...

All in all it certainly could have been a whole lot worse. Tuesday, gentle spin, test the hydraulics and you'll probably be good as new, even.
Now, soon I must dress in non-cord clobber and leave this warm and toasty house and brave freezing cold sleet filled dark. I must be fackin' barkin'. Oh why won't Christmas lard just melt away without my having to DO something. I'm so against DOING things.

finn said...

just put yourself in CG's shoes right now.

fatmammycat said...

His drunken shoes? He pulled out. We've reset for Satdee noon. The paramour was right, damn him, he laughed when I ASSURED him CG was coming out tonight, LAUGHED.
God that was cold. there was sleety snow aplenty. And I know you get real snow, but we just don't. Plus my calf niggled like a bitch on the way back. Now I've got to go and change the bloody litter trays and I've got to say, that is probably the LAST thing I want to do now.

Brown Suga' said...

Sorry, but I need to LOL right now.

Seriously, though, do as Teho sez. Get thee a snorgoyle.