Friday, February 22, 2008

reason #0500 why i love mac

last night on my way home from getting spindled, mashed and rebooted by denise the 90lb massage therapist i wondered whether the toxic bloom that'd closed the Y's pool that morning had been redressed and whether i should attempt to swim this morning, or sleep in. i want to call, but i don't know the number.

1. i typed my Y's name into iphone's googleMaps, which by default searches around my current location.
2. gMaps delivered a local map with a red pin nailing my Y.
3. a touch of the "more" arrow alongside the pin showed my Y's info. if apple & gMaps were really on, they'd display the infestation level of my pool with a Tufte-worthy infographic, but i'll settle for a phone number i can call with a touch.
4. aaron answered, told me the pool's fine, and i was returned to the Y info, which incidentally enables me to bookmark the Y's URL, add the # to my Contacts, and get directions to/from there.**

all stuff that's useful, works the way i think and answered my question in <30sec.
that's one, or three, reasons.

here are more: 50 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X.

of course, as SRess has made me aware, the Mac/PC argument is so very Stuff That White People Like, as are marathons, expensive sandwiches, asian girls and barak obama.

have a white weekend.

**5. then i slept in.


fatmammycat said...

Darling, I have found the Lancelot of Ginger. I will reveal his flaming pre-knight like self later. That's if I don't titter myself into a coma.

fatmammycat said...

I have unleashed the ginger! Know ye and tremble.

finn said...

i always thought Newton Faulkner was an english dirigible.

Twenty Major said...

I have found the most appalling ginger of all time. But I will not share it.

I will protect the world from its hideousness and mingosity.

finn said...

i don't think you have the expertise to make those kinds of judgments.

you had better let the Ginger Maven make the call.