Wednesday, March 05, 2008

analysis paralysis

when i started here, MyCo had 6 employees. now we have people who compose emails like this:

Subject: The New MyCo Softball Team Name
From: Mary Marketer

Dear Marketing Consulting & Consensus Team Members,

We are in the process of finalizing the MyCo softball team name: MyCo Reds. Consensus with no haters has been developed among the team members and now we need to generate Marketing C&C Team approval.

The rationale behind the name MyCo Reds is as follows:

1. We refer to our brand color as MyCo red.
2. Reds is a reference to the old Cosmic Commies name, which refers to our capitalistic/communist company model.
3. The Reds is a baseball team.

I need your feedback by midday tomorrow, March 6th.

Mary Marketer

my feedback?? this sums it up.

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addon said...

all that is what i hated about working in a company. LUCKILY for my 20 years as a manager of complex building and engineering projects, i was left to get on on my own which i translated as having total autonomy, which was excellent. i didn't even work in the office but in my own, often in the client's office.

i really enjoyed that 'cos it allowed me to do things my way and of course none of the bullshit like you refer to.

the downside was that i was too self-motivated and ended up getting chronic fatigue.

the most dreadful thing i experienced was when we got taken over by a much much bigger co. and I had a glimpse into corporate life - quite shocking. they sacked me soon after that which was good.

now i can sit and look at the flowers like Ferdinand.