Thursday, March 20, 2008

reason #0321 why i love mac

there's a documented issue with areas of iphone touchscreens going dead, and indeed when i returned from scotland and everything else in the world was going wrong, i discovered  a dead strip running horizontally across the touchscreen about half an inch down from the top. every time i tried to call D from my Favorites list i ended up ringing laf which was awkward to say the least.  

so today i took some time off from funeral arrangements to pay a visit to the Genius Bar at the apple store in towsontown centre.  there, good and bad news greeted me.  the bad news:  there is no Laphroaig at the Genius Bar.  the good news:  since my iphone's still under warranty, i got a new phone, for free.  no repairs, no rentals, just a new, 8G activated phone which synched flawlessly with my Lapple backup.  kinda bummed to say goodbye to my battered phone with the scratch in the upper left corner of the screen (that took some doing) and the galaxy of pockmarks on the back where i'd dropped it in the parking lot multiple times.  but a small price to pay for a satisfying customer experience, i suppose.

but apple really.  a bar without hooch??

[posting from the apple store]


fatmammycat said...

For shame Apple for shame! Wither the bApple? And the leap-frog? Do you know every bar in the country is closed over here tomorrow? By law! To do with religion!
I am aghast. And on Gingerday too.

finn said...

not to mention the lAppletini...

if ron and smurf are off tomorrow, theres always tom and shirley's. which reminds me I've yet to tell you the one about how I tried to burn the cottage down. in time.

whilst waiting for a Genius, I played with a MB Air. so swish, and they sleep immed upon shutting. and that trackpad!!! apple I'm sorry about that moist spot I left on the floor. I hope it dried before anybody slipped.

I have heard however that that downside of the Air is that theyre so durned easy to lose. a reporter was lamenting that he'd left his on the kitchen table amid a stack of papers that his OCD wife then threw away. yet another reason why cleaning is a singularly poor idea.

fatmammycat said...

I have a mental image of you attempting to put out a fire while Tom stands around telling you all about the local fires and fires he's know and experienced. Possibly using gaelige words to describe them, gaelige words that don't actually mean fire(tinne).
Gosh we're a clever sort.
The paramour has to go to LA at the end of the month to do businessy shit. He's threatening to increase the apple product load of this here house. To which one can only say huzzah!

finn said...

he better buy in duplicate, nay triplicate in case of loss.

clever indeed, your image is spot-on except for tom's presence. it'd taken me 20min to extract myself from the bfast nook; the divil himself couldn't have driven me back to the house.

i say that and feel a wave of guilt, of course. such kind people. which made the thought of burning down their bothy esp bothysome.

fatmammycat said...

Kind, but talkative folk. I wonder was he that chatty BEFORE the tumble?