Tuesday, April 22, 2008


countdown to short-course du worlds qualifiers: 6 days
status of legs: shit

so muhammed went to the mountain.

just out of curiosity, did your legs ever feel like crap for a week? if so, how did you deal mentally/physically?

being Perfect, the Oracle was probably never this pathetic, but i am fed up.

[the Oracle]
The answer is: Yes. I was trying to think up a nice, technical answer for you on how to deal. I can't. How about just "get over it."

he then prescribed intervals on the bike today, and 400s at the track tomorrow. left to mine own devices, i'd be on the sofa from now 'til sunday demanding peeled grapes from laf, but this season is all about changing the pitch up. and faith.

I know that's not what you want to hear, but you've been working hard, and the hard work will show on Sunday not yesterday, not today, probably not tomorrow. The feeling will go away on Sunday when the gun goes off.

hurrrrr. we'll see about that.


aquaasho said...

It's better they feel crap now than in 6 days!!I'm sure it's a cyclical thing and you'll be flying by Sunday. I'm sure when your head is in the right place your legs will follow!! You've every reason to be confident, your Oracle has tonnes of faith in you. ;-)
Best of Luck Finn! Rooting for ya!

finn said...

thanks aisling. you're right -- a lot can change in 6 days. i want someone to explain the cyclical thing though. how is it possible to feel like crap for a week straight and be healed by speedwork, not indolence? that seems counterintuitive to me; hence Faith.

aquaasho said...

All I can say is that 6 days before every marathon I spend 3 days carb depleting. On the third day of no carbs I go for a run and can barely run 3 miles without collapsing. I'm in pieces. Three days (of carb loading) later I'm in the best shape ever (on the day of the marathon). I'm not suggesting you do anything with carbs I'm just trying to show how one can go from crap to great in a short space of time. :-)

finn said...

it's possible to go from crap to great in the span of a race too, as i re-discovered this weekend.

i always wondered about that carb deprivation/loading strategy -- judging by your successes it works quite well!