Friday, May 23, 2008

do i dare disturb the snapping turtle?

d went fishing for bass in the backyard pond. he caught a teensy catfish, and this:

whoozall thinks i should take him up on his pond-running idea? how about tossing the snorgoyles in? do i hear a Yea? what's that? you say it is MFBT? and a 3-day weekend??
Let us go then, you and me,
Where the whiskey is spread as far as we can see
Til we're patients etherized upon a table.


fatmammycat said...

That's a big fucking ninja,

Mayrasmom said...

That's not a snapper, it's a missing link.
For me, f- no, I wouldn't swim with it, and in spite of her mrshy childhood, Mom doesn't swim, so she wouldn't either.
She's not a cat person though, she thought tossing in a kitty or two "sounds like a plan."

Subhangi said...