Monday, June 09, 2008

reason # 939393 why i love mac

yesterday morning i get on the bike early, before the heat index reaches triple digits, and end up in Big Sky Country. out there amongst the horse farms it occurs to me i might be near dr. fellows' house. i could stop by and say hello and it isn't inconceivable that i could be invited in for breakfast... or at least a bloody mary.

only, i've never actually been to dr. fellows' house and at that mo' i'm a little dim as to exactly where i am on the planet. i THINK i am in PA but amn't sure.

so i:

  1. stop. pull iScrotum from ziplock bag in soggy jersey pocket.
  2. scroll to 'Bruce Fellows' in Contacts
  3. click on address. GoogleMaps situates location on map.
  4. click on pin; GM prompts include “directions to here” with default “start” set to “current location.”
  5. click “route”; iPhone triangulates my location and passes it to GM, which informs me i'm 23.6mi away, and offers directions should i be interested in riding for another 3 hours (am not).
this learning took about 20sec. fast, intuitive, and the way *i* think. oh steve, does it get any better? DOES it?


fatmammycat said...

It's the soggiest love story of all time.

finn said...

be a dear and pass me one-a them Silk Cuts. i'm just gonna lie here for a while...

addon said...

sappy ...