Monday, August 18, 2008

belgium: great beer, shitty music

- when i say, we are running away to belgium, you don't ask any questions just pack your bags.
- Just say the word. I can sell the house and ship my stuff from Europe.

AJ speaks french and i can learn flemish so we'll do just fine in flanders, where the food, beer and cycling is fabulous. imagine a place where drivers yield to bikes, stopping in the middle of roundabouts to let bicycles cross. that is not a mythical land. that is belgium! in 11 days in flanders, i didn't have one bad -- or even mediocre -- meal. even the eel in green sauce was delectable, and i came home with a leetle belly. i call it my Leffe Pot though i believe there is also a bit of Chimay in there if the receipt for 6 Chimay triples i found in my pocket monday morning is to be believed. "just one more beer" -- hah!

the only reason i am not running back to belgium straightaway is the music, which is absolute shite. i was expecting jacques brel on the airwaves; instead i got tinny dancy techno that i can't imagine anyone on the planet liking unless you're a 25yo gay dude tripping on E. each song is indistinguishable from the next -- even Shazam choked and my iphone began to smoke a little so i can't even tell you what i heard. i never thought i would be so glad to hear mainstream radio, but when i was driving back from the philly airport saturday night and WMMR played GNR i wept with happiness. so unless i go deaf, belgium's out for now.

race report is coming. suffice it to say that when fatmammycat's waters move, you attend.


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finn said...

after drinking no hooch other than beer for 2wks i came home and got googly over 1 G&T sunday nite. what is that about? isn't all hooch Hooch??

fatmammycat said...

Of course it isn't. Beer is quality filling hooch, Gin is the stuff we drink when we're hankering for some drunkenness. Rum is the clean tee-hee drink and wine -or grape milk- isn't really hooch at all.