Friday, August 29, 2008

used to stand for something

fast & furious reactions to mccain's selecting 44yo alaskan gov Sarah Palin as his running mate. i got as far as this one before i gave up:

This woman should be at home taking care of her kids, not running for Vice President. I mean, she has a four month old Down Syndrome child. He requires constant care. Why why why would she be neglecting her family to run for VP?

I was planning to vote for McCain, but he just lost my vote. That vote won't be going to Obama, it will be going to a third party candidate. I just can't, in good conscience, vote for a woman for VP, especially a woman with a young family and virtually no experience. And yes, I'm a woman too, but I'm also a Christian who believes in traditional family values and roles.

call me a naif but it's really fucking dismaying to realise we're still in a place where people won't vote for someone because he's black or she's a woman.

small solace is the possibility that based on history, mccain & palin will run away together.


Mayrasmom said...

My mom keeps running into peeps who tell he she shouldn't vote for Obama because her father wouldn't approve...
A: Not necessarily true
B: PopPop died in 1966
C: Why can't a 71 yr old adult make his/her own voting choice?

finn said...

not taking into account A, B or C, your mum would probably be at a loss now because surely PopPop wouldn't approve of Palin either.

funny -- you think you know a person, and then they say something like, oh obama, like we'd elect a BLACK president, and your world shifts a little.

no virginia everyone is NOT like you.

Mayrasmom said...

Actually, PopPop was a diehard DEM, so he may have been more OK with Obmama than people think...

finn said...

too bad PopPop died before JFK really got rolling.

seems that more & more the split's along faith-based vs. secular lines, and less dem vs. gop. do you know any diehard Democrats these days? -i don't. but i know a lot of ppl fed up with bush (leaning both liberal & conservative), and (i hear about) a lot of fucking kooks. no judgement there of course.

Theo said...

I am optimistic. I think the sheer groundswell from 8 years of the fiercest frustration will overwhelm this sort of crap like Gustav into Trent's studio... hmm.

OK so I'm not a poet.

finn said...

I really really really realy really really hope you're right, but this campaign has gone on for so long now I'm afraid the bloom's fading from the rose.

remember the post-election depression of 2004, where you went to work the next morning and wondered what the point was and thought you were the only one who felt that way???

I really hope you're right.