Friday, September 05, 2008

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in......

just added:11.06.08Atlantic City, NJHouse of Blues (map)on sale: TBA

presale: TBA

[j/k. i was neverout.]

had a CAT scan this morning. taking a look at the old pipes, so i got a bag of contrast dye shot through. techs warned i might feel some warmth, and i did, my goodness did i, a burning hole in my arm where the IV connected and then a tunnel of warmth gulfing down my body, pooling in the "downstairs" as PK would say.

- was it too warm for you? - debbie the tech asked as she slid the needle out.
- warm, but not unpleasant. does anyone ever ask for a second shot?
debbie laughed.
- some women cry out a little, and then afterward they say, 'honey i haven't felt that in YEARS.'

this is a tragedy, especially since it's so easily fixed. jackshepherd -- for the sake of women everywhere, and meb some dudes, come back to the Y.

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