Wednesday, September 03, 2008

of VPs and pit bulls

sarah palin continues to bubble to the surface of conversations around here.
- Macain picked a Hottie for Vp! - laf texted me soon after the official announcement and the buzz hasn't evolved much since.

- oh, she's a total hottie – D agreed - compared to laura bush?? she'd be the hottest first lady maybe EVER.
a long jon stewart pause.

- you mean, VP.

- yeah. what did I say.

- you said first lady.

- yeah well she'd make a hot VP too. much better than that geraldine ferraro.

presents quite a moral conundrum doesn't it.
have you heard the leaked mccain/palin voicemail? [no liquids in the mouths upon the listenings, unless your monitors need cleaning.]

yesterday we got into a heated MyCo debate about whether palin's family and parenting... skills? challenges? dinnerplates? -should be factored into a debate about her political qualifications. when arguing with parents single libertarians, i've found, rarely win. i think that's because our concept of the world derives from Atlas Shrugged, whereas loucypher's struggles with braces, catholic school and cheerleading give him a more pragmatic yet ethically-nuanced perspective.

i have a pragmatic, nuanced perspective for you. it came yesterday when i was running trail and passed a guy walking his dog. in the short seconds it took to register him while phil anselmo roared in my ear about feeling fucking hostile, i noted a goatee, floppy bangs and a pitbull; and i realised that the one thing missing from NIN shows now is hawtness. let's get to the real issues people. how do we coax this guy back outside. where's that platform.


fatmammycat said...

Peggy Hill. She is, that is all. It's late.

finn said...

here too. would love to see the PHill speech but peepers will not cooperate, not after being up since 3.

hope the goatmen finally arrived.