Thursday, January 15, 2009

when the things that should be infinite, aren't

one of my favorite professors died on tuesday. as a poet, De had a powerful vocal presence, and he taught an enormously popular class in reading poetry out loud. i remember reading 'the wild swans at coole' in class and after 15min of De's coaching, my final reading ended with a long silence, then audible sniffles from all over the classroom. when De took a sabbatical i lived in his house for a year and took care of his dog buford, a frothing mastiff who'd suffer small children poking fingers in his eyes but was petrified of the porch steps.

buford was warm-up for having my own dog. but they too are finite, as dr dog informed us earlier this week when we took the j-dog in for a checkup.
oh he's 8? sure it's normal for him to be slowing down, but this breed lives until 10 or 12.

10 or 12, like that's a good thing? is it useful, this melloncollie? perhaps not, but this loo seat that lets you calculate the weight of your poo surely is.

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fatmammycat said...

My god, people and their waffle. Gamma's collie, the one that tried to detach my ear from my head, lived until he was 17, slower sure, but without losing any of his meanees. Just saying.