Tuesday, January 31, 2006

MA takes on PhD

i canNOT bitch about my job, ever, when i can leave at 2pm on a shorts day in Jan and be on the bike by 3. making six figs a year might be nice but it could never offer the therapeutic value of yesterday's ride with E, for whom i have even more respect since learning he once caught a raccoon in a garbage can. that's awesome.

-- yeah, it was kind of a weird raccoon. it let me poke it with a stick -- in a nice way i mean.
-- that is weird. usually they're such furtive creatures.
-- there you go again. furtive? i'll look that one up when i get home. f-u-r-t-i-v-e?
-- *abashed*. uh-huh... means they have fur, E.

i don't know what they're teaching kids in those PhD programs anymore. raccoon-trapping, perhaps.

the j-dog got his tooth shard yanked w/o incident. he was woozily distraught when i brought him home, but he slept well. we both did, though not long enough.

A says my breaststroke kick might be legal now. huzzah! this is not to say it's not still fucked up in many ways, but at least it's no longer a bizarro form of fly kick that'll get me DQd. have discovered, though, that there's an inverse relationship between my fly & breast: when one improves, the other declines precipitously. my future as an IM'r looks dim.

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