Monday, January 30, 2006

world's first facial transplant

this is a great seed for a novel. suicidal chick ODs, her dog chews up her face, she pulls through and undergoes the world's first face transplant -- and the donor is another suicidal chick. this has chuck palahniuk writ all over it. cronenberg makes the movie.

have to go to the vet tonight cos poor J split one of his upper molars in two, all the way up to the gumline. he looks a little distressed when it's bleeding heavily, but otherwise he's a total trooper. you can bet that if i split a tooth in two, the whole world would know about it ... and be expected to HELP me somehow.

makes me wonder if humans are relatively wimpy cos we can actually communicate & express pain. if i couldn't bitch about something, would it hurt less? or more?
appropriated from The Sunday Times

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