Friday, January 27, 2006

rejection. on a friday. harsh.

dissage from BV, who says he can't fit in the spain trip between cycling in italy in april and a fishing trip in key west in june. pisser. anyone wanna go to spain with me? i need something to hold on to, besides race after race after race.

o wait i forgot:


aktually i didn't forget. but i anticipate such pure post-partum distress after that weekend that i'll need a huge carrot to keep me moving forward. spain w/C & co is a good candidate. big-time carousing i'm shure.

thorpe says he's retiring after beijing. i gotta tape the shit out of that olympics.

thanks to woot, i'm stepping into the dig camera age.

my company's rebranding, so we're vetting new name suggestions. so far i like GFY Media.

-- so, who do you work for?
-- GFY Media.
-- what's GFY stand for?
-- go fuck yourself.
-- no, what's it stand for?
-- i heard you the first time.

good, good possibilities.

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