Friday, February 24, 2006

2-day respite

clicki've not swum, ridden or run in 2 days. this respite, albeit brief, reminds me how much more time i have in the day when i go off training -- time that i've put to questionable use this week by working 10- and 11-hour days. my plate's loaded with 4 considerable projects, all in the conceptual strategy stage, and certain anklebiters still hang on faithfully.

and we had our first GOTR race committe meeting last night. i'm now the marketing director.

once again, i wonder how people like wiser train for the ironman (to compete, not just complete) without their jobs, relationships, other interests and general sanity combusting. not for me.

this weekend is for FINALLY watching 40-Year Old Virgin and catching up on all the olympics i've been taping. i guess some chick won the skating last night, but whenever i hear anybody getting all trumpety about it i close my eyes and hum really loudly because i want no spoilers.

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