Thursday, February 23, 2006

perils of bartending, and hot olympians

another reason not to IM: Americans work more, seem to accomplish less
but it's worth it for treasures like this, from former coworker now moved to chicago:

[DE]: u a working girl yet?
[IL]: i have had some interviews. some fo them really scary
[IL]: i got a bartending job and i quit that same day b/c they wanted me to wear a teeny tiny ho top with the word hog on it.
[DE]: scary... how?
[IL]: one of my customers chewes the tab and swallowed it and said he wsan't paying
[IL]: and then another one asked me if i was wearing thongs and wanted to have phone sex
[DE]: nice

when did chicago turn into, like, Bartertown?

fulfilling as far as it goes (which isn't far enough IMO):
Hot Athletes (as cited in the NYT, which makes it legit yo)

/back to gregorian chantland

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