Monday, April 17, 2006

1st win of 2006

got some hardware this weekend -- and won my first race of the year!

honestly, all's i wanted was to have Sum Fun after last weekend's sufferfest, and a 15K trail race seemed just the thang. if i placed in my AG and/or beat my time from a couple years ago, i'd be happy, i thought.

i lined up mid-pack with tastymatt and then spent the next 4 miles passing a steady stream of runners. i had a grand time, picking up a margarita (er, "sports drink") at the Special Needs station @ 7-ish miles. fueled by the sports drink's electrolytes, i passed the 2nd place chick with a mile to go, and 1st maybe a half-mile from the finish. won by a mere 14 seconds, and if i say i didn't piss myself with sheer delight i'd be lying.

here's to serendipity.

and here's some footage of the easter bunny.


Theo said...

Congrats!! Me too! I took an actual *walk* this weekend, and won myself a Diet Coke with lime.

Yes, I suck. Sorry.

(I luvs the Anti-Bunny video, though.)

fatmammycat said...

Congratulation!!! Well done.

finn said...

why, thank u's!

walks are Good.
so is diet coke with a chemical-purporting-to-be-lime. by my ethics, chemicals are less evil than massive amts of sugar.