Wednesday, April 26, 2006

so very out-classed

the nemesis was top amateur woman at powerman north carolina this weekend. she ran the first 8K at 5:48/mile pace and then followed with the fastest bike time, almost a minute faster than than pro woman who won. i, OTOH, spent the weekend on the couch with another horribly addictive diana gabaldon novel. if i tried to run a sub-29min 8K, i'd puke and die.

yesterday my swim coach had us do a timed 500yd. i was 15sec slower than a month ago.

last night at the track we did sets of 800m and 1200m intervals @ 5K pace. i felt like crap and talked fisch into talking me into cutting the set short. this, after a recovery week.

"you can't swim, run and ride PRs every day," says the afghan metrosexual.
"why?" say i. "what's the point of training, then?"

it'd be best if senility comes earlier rather than later, because if this is any indication, i will not go with gentility into that good night.


venezeulen scientists claim they've developed a "flatulence-free bean." where, pray tell, is the fun in that?

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