Tuesday, April 25, 2006

your tongue's potential

Scientists Probe the Use of the Tongue
In their quest to create the super warrior of the future, some military researchers aren't focusing on organs like muscles or hearts. They're looking at tongues.

By routing signals from helmet-mounted cameras, sonar and other equipment through the tongue to the brain, they hope to give elite soldiers superhuman senses similar to owls, snakes and fish. more...

i gotta think this is something like touching a 9V battery to your tongue and sensing a mouse tucked in the grass 100yds away.

thank god for the military. without its nefarious collective mind, our tongues' potential might well be squandered.


fatmammycat said...

Finn! You may be just the honeybunny I need. You're a runner right? I need some advice if you wouldn't mind.
I'm running 5/6k in 45 minutes a day in the gym om the treadmill at the moment. I'm fairly fit and cycle 30k on days when I'm not running, but my problem is I keep getting a stitch at about 3.5k and have to stop and walk for a few minutes until is subsides. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I feel I'm probably holding my breath or breathing wrong or something stupid like that. After it goes I usually run a further twenty minutes without a hitch.
Can ya help a gal out doctor Finn?

finn said...

FMC -- you ARE a fit monstee! ever consider doing a duathlon?

if your stitch is breathing-related, you may be breathing too fast/shallow. have you ever taken a yoga class or practised pranayama?

next time you toddle on the treadle, try to breathe from your belly. it sounds stupid, but breathing right is hard to do.

good luck. let me know how it goes!

fatmammycat said...

Thanks missus, off to watch football now and drink beer.

fatmammycat said...

No wait, I do pilates, stupid beer.
I figured it was a breathing problem, so tomorrow I shall practice lower breathing and not shallow. I listen to music you see, so I'm inclined to sing alone, hence the oxygen is probably only making it to my lower lungs.
Damn you Metallica! Damn you to hell!!
Pero thank you Miss Goo, thank you mucho!

finn said...

anuzzer ipod karaoke participant?!?

good bless apple. in the Before Ipod years, i counted every single frickin' second whilst riding the rollers (a neces evil on rainy days). i tried watching vids of old Tours but on the twisty sections of the pyrenees i'd follow the peleton and ride right off the rollers. not advised, esp when you're on anti-coagulants.

then i tried listening to inspirational music (linkin park, over & over), but if the man was in the house he would stomp downstairs and tell me to TURN THAT SHIT DOWN.

now, armed with ipod, i can cobble together a playlist and howl along at the top of my lungs. it makes spinning along, going nowhere, enjoyable.

did you stitch today, FMC?