Monday, April 24, 2006

wanted: pet psychologist

D returned and the cats are back in the house. yesterday morning at 6am i awoke to the unmistakable sound of a cat getting sick under the bed. this activity roused the other two. while one used the bedspring as her scratching post, the other squawked from the door.

when the cat under the bed began heaving again, i lunged over the side to roust her, hoping to drive her away from the carpet onto the hardwood floor. she froze, of course, and delivered her pile right in front of me, while the other two began the growling standoff that usually culminates in a hair-raising screech-fest. nasty things.

the dog's not normal, either. now he's eschewing his doggie bed, sleeping instead atop my running shoes. dogs like stinky things i know, but does this look comfortable? i've no interest in budging him, though: as long as he's there, the cats won't be throwing up in my shoes.

the dog whisperer comes to lancaster in may. i've got a puzzle for him.


fatmammycat said...

Do you have a door on your bedroom? I bring the big one to bed with me most nights, he is quiet and just sprawls there until morning, but I lock the other two psychos out. If not there would be war, fighting, running around and no sleep for me. I lock the whole bloody lot of them out when the paramour is over.

finn said...

in desperate times, yes, i shut the door. but since the dog, who enjoys Most Favored Pet status, sleeps @ the foot of the bed, he's then unable to break up the catfights that take place at the corner between the dining rm & kitchen, at 2am.

the cats squall and the dog barks and i end up at work 2hrs later.