Tuesday, April 25, 2006

geographically challenged

like any american, my grasp on geography is pathetic. this weekend, i found barcelona on a map for the first time, and i learned that newfoundland is an island: discoveries borne only from the necessity of finding my way to those destinations this summer.

since 40% of americans don't have a passport and therefore don't travel abroad, when -- in the course of their circumscribed lives -- are they ever gonna learn world geography? school? hah! geography, along with recess, art and sports, got left behind so no child would.

just back from spain herself, A reported she didn't hear much english, even in the larger cities. and barcelona, she noted, is imbued with catalan and its funky X's. i fiddled with my GPS navigator so it now directs me in spanish. i know where "bajo" and "izquierda" is, but catalan may sink me.

perhaps i'll just stay home and drink sangria on the porch.

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