Wednesday, May 17, 2006

adjust your cup size on the fly

think you're hot stuff cos you can lock out your mtn bike shocks on the fly? well, can you tweak your breast size during a trip to the loo? with the inflatable breast dress you can.

"One wearer said the dress was very comfortable and also gave her a different sense of personal space. With large inflated breasts, she felt like she had a protective zone."

so that's what they're for!

a long-awaited contribution from rob: his take on e3, wii and fucking with gamer-n3rds.

voy a viajar a espana en una semana mas o menos. cuando voy, los gatos cantaran y bailaran.


Theo said...

Cuando el Finn está ausente, los gatos jugarán.

fatmammycat said...

......eeeeeeeee.....hi missus...eeeeeeeeeee, ooooo stitch.... but eeeeeeee

finn said...

theo, sus capacidades seguen impresionarme. me encanta su cabeza. o algo como eso.

FMC, me alegro de que tu regrasas a barcelona en un pedazo. pobre artilleros....

finn said...

3 cheeeeeeeeers for the paramour!!!