Friday, May 19, 2006

clients. can't live with 'em; can't live without 'em

13-hour day yesterday. emerged with profound Learnings.

beware of potential clients who:

  • give you the wrong street address to their HQ
  • usher you into a room with no projector or screen
  • refuse to let you use the projector you brought
  • don't bother to introduce their 10-person team to your 5-person one
  • glare at you during your pitch
  • cock knowing eyebrows at their compeers across the table
  • have no questions about your 70-page proposal or 90-min presentation
when it came my turn to do my bit, i didn't give a shit cos i knew whatever i said could not possibly make the situation any worse. so i did just fine.

and the two pints i had afterward did me fine as well, as did the over-priced glass of pinot grigio i enjoyed while the project manager, marketing manager and i argued about the meanings of Sideways with a pharma rep occupying an adjacent seat at the airport bar.

meanwhile, J, our CIO, called the office.
-- we've been delayed. we won't be leaving at 3:30 after all.
-- why? what's up? my boss asked.
-- well, we've got some problems.
-- problems? what kind of problems?
-- well, it's finn and M.
-- huh?
-- they're in custody.
-- no.
-- yes.
silence, while my boss processes, and then asks
-- well, do we have bail money?
-- sorry, you're breaking up. will call you back later -- and J hung up.

that's wot you get for sending your troops into hostile territory.

i have been dutifully tapering all week but i'm not entirely confident in my legs' ability to perform on sunday. we shall see.


fatmammycat said...

clients are cunts baby! As are mothers, well not yours, she sounds yum! See ya tomorrow.

finn said...

how did yer mum react? would you like to borrow mine for a piece?

fatmammycat said...

She reacted by saying, 'oh well at least I get to see this one before you get married.'

finn said...

hah. good on yah brother for setting such an example. at the very least, you're not marrying a PoC (Person of Color).