Tuesday, July 18, 2006

countdown to corner brook, pt 1

during a recovery ride with E last week, a big question came to light after the fifty-millionth mental loop of MIA's Bucky Done Gone.

- okay, here's a question. what percentage of the day would you say you have a song in your head? on average.
- on average? -about one percent.
- one percent? that's all?
- yeah. and i'm guessing you're upwards of ninety to a hundred. every race report you write revolves around whatever song is in your head. you're like an ipod set on shuffle.
- that is untrue. i am an ipod set on repeat... only one percent?? really?
- yes. and that's normal.

so much for validation.

medial hamstring continues to improve, thanks to the bruising ministrations of rudy and hash. compensating lateral hamstring has become crankly, so i have a new bruise line running down that as well. small children stare at me in awe. jaded adults wonder if i'm a battered wife.

ran 5 miles of slow trail on sunday and was sore yesterday. i continue to keep my head buried in the sand, blithely trusting that in the next 10 days i'll drop my mile pace from 8min to 6min.

and if i can't? well, at least i'm not in lebanon.


Theo said...

Well, I'm a 90-100%er too, unless I'm really concentrating on something (rare).
If there's music playing in the background someplace, I can't *not* hear it.

finn said...

hooray! another musically-embattled soul! we're def on the high end: my informal surveys have yielded an average of 10-25%.

(NC1 is excellent accompaniment to ice-cream flavoured skittles btw.)

Theo said...

If you like THIS...

...with THIS...

...then you clearly need THIS:

(NC2 is still in the "draft" stage)

finn said...

jeepers. i thought all you guys (er, geeks) needed was a six-pack of mountain dew (or a triple espresso mocha).