Tuesday, July 11, 2006

damage update

after 2nd round of rudy's Manhandling:

it's like you're black, but only in that one spot, lou observed.


Theo said...

Egad. Bruise porn.
(I'd offer you Advil, but I imagine you've got better stuff available.)

Theo said...

Relavant to nothing: SNORGOYLES

fatmammycat said...

HOLY SHIT! Does it hurt as much as it looks like it does?

Theo said...

FMC -- I've only ever had bruising like that twice in my life. Once was after falling twice, the same way, and landing on the same hard object in my pocket both times. (Was *supposed* to be a staged pratfall. Thought I'd get it right after mucking it up once. I didn't do a third attempt.) The second time was a nasty (clumsy) fall onto the edge of a low stone wall, where the only thing that saved me a broken leg was my quadricep.

That shit hurts, all right.

finn said...

FMC, it hurts, but i like to interpret it as a sign of healing.

TO -- that first cat, persephone, IS the harleycat snorgoyle. good find.

and re: bruising -- imagine a dude with ropy forearms digging into your flesh and nailing, with surgical precision, a tear deep in the belly of muscle, _under_ the bruise.

you KNOW that shit hurts.

Theo said...

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."