Wednesday, August 30, 2006

office cat

it's come to this:

From: der bossen
Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 9:15 PM
To: der dung beetles
Subject: cat idea


Besides for providing J info on the mice whereabouts (J - lobby on the way to D and S's office tonight) for the exterminators, someone threw out the idea of an office cat to deal with them temporarily.

If we can not build 100% consensus, we will not do this. You could object because you don't like cats, don't think it fits in professionally, don't like it because the cat can't be billable, or may be allergic to them, etc. But, it could be nice to have an office pet, and, since it might be quite amusing to see a Tom and Jerry show in here (no, not L and F), then I felt to throw out the idea presented to me.

Please let me know if you object.

der bossen
i, for one, think it's an excellent idea, quite amusing. we'll start by putting tape on its paws and i know lou is with me on this one.

here's some more info on cat abuse.


Theo said...

FYI -- snorgoyles aren't born, they're MADE. This is a Great Truth.

Love them well, and they will love you.

finn said...

ah, theo the optimist. :)

meanwhile, i would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

Theo said...

Seriously. I may have some optimistic leanings, sure. But I'm not just making this stuff up.

finn said...

my Trading Spaces offer still stands.