Thursday, August 31, 2006


it's shit or get off the pot today for iran -- will it or won't it comply with the UN security council's demand it cease production of enriched uranium? if ahmadinejad and his mantrain refuse to comply, the planned response is military and/or economic sanctions. smashing. that worked so well before.

meanwhile, guess who's blogging now?! the great Satan-hater himself! ahmadinejad's blog was live for only a couple days before it got hacked by Y! Underground Group which you'd love to believe is a junky, subversive LA crew but is actually an irananian group arguing FOR iran's right to proliferate nucularly.

Nuclear Energy is Our Right claimed the Y. the body of the message continues in farsi. if yours is a little rusty, i've provided the translation below:

jenabe Ahmadi NejadTell me, O muse,
ma ke nemitoonim shomaro molaghat konimof that ingenious hero
vali az tarafe tamame hacker haye iranwho travelled far and wide
azinke az haghe melate iran dar barabare tamameafter he had sacked the famous town of Troy
keshvar haye jahan defa mikonid tashakor mikonimmeow
azinke ba hemato talashe khod abadi va abadani raMany cities did he visit,
baraye mahroom avardin jaye tashakor dareand many were the nations
omid varimhe beat the crap out of
ta akharin nafas az Energy hasteyi ke haghgoddam axis of evil
mosalame tamame mardome iranemore salami please
defa konidmeow
really, i think nothing good can come of UN sanctions and our moral blustering. the issue isn't nuclear proliferation -- or else cheney would clamor about india and pakistan -- it's the fact that iran's a hostile regime, and sanctions won't do a thing about that.


Theo said...


While I must confess to a certain amount of skepticism re: the accuracy of your translation, I hate to sound the pedant... so I'll leave it at this:


finn said...

i wish i could get rid of the dead space in that post. my html skillz are mad no longer, but my farsi kicks ASS, mr. skeptical.