Wednesday, September 20, 2006

before the wrecking ball

the city informed us yesterday that the adjoining building will be demolished today.

-- is it safe? i mean, we're still gonna be here?? i ask HippieBossMan. no one told me stay home.
-- well, for a while. then we'll be dead.

the phones are already crackly and unpredictable, and our DSL connection drops periodically. supposively, our servers have been backed up & secured, but our Chief Tech Ottocrat has fled to beijing.

if the sitch gets dire, there's always the balcony. it's only a 4-story drop and there are some big planters below, with plenty of cigarette butts and a couple crack-whores for cushioning.


Theo said...

Take a lunch break. Take it early (and often).

fatmammycat said...

So who was he and did the torch get lit?

finn said...

he was the one i thought i'd marry, dear cat. torch?? conflagration, rather.