Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MF windoze

it's an easy cliché, the whole mac-PC argument, and taking up the cause against the opposing side is like arguing with a pro-lifer. neither of you will budge a fucking inch and you'll end up beating each other with umbrellas or whatever's at hand.

that said, rob's recent rant,
jesus fuck i hate windows, is spot-on. all my woes summed in 2 competent paragraphs, featuring this observation:

every time i use it, microsoft's ugly hunk of shit operating system manages to find new ways to make me want to take a dump on my pc and light it on fire.
i have been sitting on my ass long enough. i think it's time to get a mac laptop.
maybe i'll even get net access at home.

let's not be hasty. it's a slippery slope.


addon said...

whichever you choose in going to stink in some sort of way ... i use windows 'cos that is what ... er, "came available" from work. but i don't use any microsoft software.


Theo said...

...other than Windows itself, eh? Agreed on the non-MS application software, tho.

Finn -- Macs are slick, yes, and the OS X wrapper on top of the BSD Unix operating system is also quite slick. Esp. as you're one o' them aesthetical designer types. I think you'll find, though, that the frustrations will still crop up... just in different ways.

finn said...

a good point. no OS will make me a decent gin martini -- not even your bicycle-powered one, adam.

teho, you're of the special breed that cobbles together blazingly fast boxes from a treasure chest of lost children. most of us are just tickled if we can successfully hook up a hard-drive & external enclosure. slick macs (or if you're a pathetic cretin, e-machines) 'r' us.

fatmammycat said...

I'm a Mac aficionado, and I would never use another PC system. That said, I'm a stuck up trollop and I like the look of it on my desk.

finn said...

i'd expect nothing less from you FMC.

good design offers style and fun. my crappy e-machine has neither. plus it's slow and gray.