Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Celebrate Banned Books Week

google's made it easy: explore banned books.

some of my faves there:

  • gatsby (oooh she smells of money)
  • LOTF (hey piggie)
  • sun also rises (the red sun was pasted in the sky like a wafer)***
  • as i lay dying (my mother is a fish)
  • call of the wild (but mine was jack london's. oops)
  • for whom the bell tolls (i prefer the metallica version though)
  • anything by DH lawrence. how he must get christian preservative undies in a twitch!
  • a separate peace (which i always moon for this time of year. i miss school.)
  • naked lunch (why so pale and wan, fair bugger?)
if i were man enough i'd have ulysses up there, but i'm afraid i've fallen off the wagon with my page a day. didn't even get to molly's soliloquy, but i know the riverruns.

***oops that's stephen crane. well, same thing.

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