Thursday, September 14, 2006

when dogs laugh

this is sure to trigger another massive influx of mice into my litter box and the microwave:

To: The Dung Beetles
From: The Dung Beetle Administrator
Subject: Just a heads up... maybe


Word from our man Luigi has it that the dilapidated building behind us will be demolished this week...if the City keeps it's word!!!

As an added precaution, when they start demolishing, save any work you are doing often and be prepared for the building to shake a little!!!!

The Dung Beetle Administrator
that "delapidated" building shares our rear wall. it used to be fine until the city got at it with wrecking balls last year. the "delapidating" would begin around 10am and desist at 2 -- meanwhile, the floor groaned with each impact, several whiteboards slid off the walls, and the exposed support beams shed showers of paint and dust. as a result of the historic Delapidation, the floor's now gently pitched so that anything cylindrical (like pens on a desk, and wheeled chairs filled with people) naturally roll to the back of the building.

to say we're awaiting Demolition with bated breath is an understatement.

lou and i discussed getting the fuck out of dodge and opening up a pub instead... but what to name it? he suggested The Winged Rat, quaintly evoking our urban surroundings, but since having learned that scientists now believe dogs chuckle, i'm partial to The Laughing Dog.

what does a laughing dog sound like? check this out. to me, it sounds like two pugs eating rice pudding, but i'm not a dog scientist.


Theo said...

Again with the dung beetles.
I do worry about you.

finn said...

das how we roll, teho. we make-a de balls and we pusha 'dem up-a de hill. like sisyphus.

thanks for the veitch link, btw. that won't loop in my head for the next 3 hours or anything.

Theo said...

[dog-like laughter]