Friday, September 29, 2006

the good

in the spirit of alex haley, who recommended "find the good and praise it," the good, today:

Halo 22:

the whiff of awitha teetha at the end of the above.



pisces; Only Revolutions.

the building not shaking quite so badly.

u-pick apples.



Subhangi said...

And I assume the "morsel" on the left is your aforementioned Afghan friend?


(With apologies to boyfriend.)

Theo said...

Oh, morsels are everywhere, y'know.

Subhangi said...

Yes, they are everywhere but within a 100,000-mile radius of my current location!

finn said...

well, now anyway.

Subhangi said...


Well, er ... I ... awww, shucks.


finn said...

since we obvy have the same taste in men subh, i thought you'd get a kick out of my desktop.

yeah i'm, like, 15. :)

Subhangi said...

*comes out of hiding*

Wheee! It's teh ZOU!

Heh. 15, 21 (that's me) same age, really. ;)

*suddenly sober*

Singledom wouldn't be so bad if your workplace atleast is good.

finn said...

do you have rum? rum usu helps.

that, or lentil soup.

Subhangi said...


Alcohol is illegal in the state I'm in, and I HATE lentil soup!

*throws tantrum*

finn said...

i just broke out the dark choc M&Ms.
c'mon over.

(i thought you LIKED yentil soup.)

Subhangi said...

well - I DO like it when I've got an upset stomach - not when I'm single and overworked.

Choc M&Ms!!! NOW we're talkin'!

*scoots over to Finn's with a flask of freshly brewed ginger chai*

fatmammycat said...

Shewalla wall ding dong. Arms, me likey.
Anyhoo, have a great weekend, I'm off out not to protest my country's idiocy in rum and cokes.

Subhangi said...

Hey, is your gmail still working? (The one the CO peeps used to email each other on ...) I mailed you something recently, dunno if you got it.