Monday, October 02, 2006

a case of teh Mdays


Subhangi said...

Dudette, I FEEL for you. I had a holiday but it was dull and boring, AND I did not get any dinner. (Mess, cafe and local restaurants all closed.)


Feeling like a starved animal right now. Literally and metaphorically.

addon said...

oh dear who is in a grumpy mood then. never mind, it will pass. eventually. maybe. one day. soon.


finn said...

at least i got dinner last night -- your monday was way tougher than mine, subh. hope you find satiation today.

adam, This Too Shall Pass when the romperstomper backhoe goes away. yesterday it seemed like the cowboy was pulverising e-ver-y-sin-gle-brick he rolled over, but quasar said that they were just digging out the basement.

whatever it iswas, it's getting old and all i want to do is work in a building that doesn't rumble and shake. maybe. one day. soon.