Friday, September 15, 2006

my lesions are better

hash is back, victorious. maria won the US Open. she's now officially the highest paid female athlete in the world, and she and her dad want to retain hash for all of 2007.

-- would you do it? - i asked.
-- i'm still considering, but i don't think so. with the World Cup, and then her, i've spent three-quarters of my year travelling. i didn't recognise my dog. i'd have to leave this place -- he swept an arm around the therapy area -- and maybe sell my house. but the money'd be great.
-- but you'd have no time to spend it.
-- right. but it's not so much the time. i was only working 8- or 10-hour days, but when you leave, you don't go home and hang out with your friends. you go back to your hotel room and watch the same shows.
-- you didn't get chummy with the other therapists & trainers? you've gotta see the same people over & over at these matches.
-- yeah, but the women are weird. the guys -- they go out and beat the shit out of each other on the court and then go out and have a beer. the women are just as competitive off the court as on it. you get caught hanging out with someone from another women's camp, and you're in deep shit. women are just different.

that's why most of my friends are men. women wear me out.

rudy pronounced me healthy, ready for battle. your lesions are so much better, m'dear. you can go back to full training. just don't be stupid. moi??

70 days to the DE XC championships, then. F has pledged to train with me, F with his shattered afghan family, marvelous cheekbones and new car of which he's so proud, an acura burbleburbleburble -- all i know is it's dark and sleek and i would go for a ride anytime.

hard to believe that at this time last week i was searching for things to live for.


fatmammycat said...

I'm delighted to hear you're mended. Now go have fun and have a great weekend. See, silver linings.

finn said...

ta cat, and you too. perhaps the paramour and Poppy's Big Surprise (the tuckered version) could spend some quality time together. ??

i will lift a pint for ye tonight.

Subhangi said...


[Lifts a mug of lentil soup]

(They really *should* serve better food at schools.)

Enjoy teh weekend.

finn said...

well, at least it takes less time to pour a pint of lentil soup than a pint of guinness. better for instant gratification.